I am a Senior CRM Consultant working for a UK based ERP and CRM consulting company. I have a Masters degree in Software Engineering and a Post Grad. Diploma in Computer Systems. I started my career as a programmer, building financial applications in 1999. While working as a Lead Developer on an Online marketing software project (Zoomio Campainger) in 2004; I built connectors for SalesLogix, SalesForce, SuperOffice and MS CRM v1.2. I have been working with MS CRM ever since.

I have scoped and implemented more than 50 MS CRM Projects in the UK.  I also occasionally do MS CRM End user, Administrator, Developer training and scribe adapter training sessions. 

My Specialties: Technical Leadership, Business Solution Architecture, System Integration, Data Migration.

My Current Certifications: Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Professional v3.0 and v4.0, MCSD

Any questions or comments please feel free to email me at hassanhussainblog@googlemail.com

Please be advised that all posting on my blog are personal posts and that they do not reflect my employers views or the way they work.

Some of the postings might be unsupported customizations of MS CRM 4.0 and if you do apply these changes to your implementation, then I will not be responsible for any problems caused.