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I was recently asked about how to delete an active quotation. You might need to delete quotes if you have created quote during system demonstration or testing and would now like to delete the quotes rather than just deactivate them. Of course if you try to delete an active quote you get an error message stating that it is read only.


An unsupported way would be to update the quote statuscode and statecode in the QuoteBase table. But you can also do the same by creating a workflow that updates the status of the quote. To create the workflow have a look at the image below. Make sure that your workflow is set to run on demand.


Once you’ve created the workflow go back to the quotation grid and you will now get the Run workflow button. (This button is not visible if there is no “run on demand” work flows against the record type). Click the button and run the workflow that you’ve just created.


When the workflow completes the quote status will be set to draft and you will now be able to delete the quote.