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Useful link. Searched for this after a question raised in a training session.


A new user group that provides an online platform for experienced users, consultants and developers to share their knowledge about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and associated technologies. To participate in events all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

MS CRM Virtual User Group (

By default when you install MS CRM 4.0 it is installed at port 5555. To access MS CRM the system users will need to type a URL similar to http://servername01:5555/. This will take them to the default organization loader page.

Default URL

To make it easy and more user friendly for your users to access MS CRM you might want to change the URL to some thing simple like http://crm/. To do this you’ll need to make changes to your MS CRM servers IIS. You’ll need to follow the steps below to make the change.

1- Right Click on the MS CRM Website in IIS.
2- Click Properties.
3- On the Web Site tab click Advanced.
4- Click the edit button to chage the “Advanced Web Site Identification”.
5- Change the port number to 80 and the “Host Header Value” to crm.

The image below highlights the buttons you’ll need to click.

Changes to IIS

This document lists steps to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 e-mail in different deployment scenarios.


You can download the MS CRM 4.0 Virtual Machine from the link below. A great resource if you want to do development on your machine or setting up a test environment.

A very useful link for people getting started with MS CRM 4.0.
Getting started articles (MS CRM 4.0)