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Useful link. Searched for this after a question raised in a training session.


This article provides a concise description regarding availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM extensibility features across the three types of deployments.

I recently saw this question posted on the MS CRM Forum and I can clearly understand why this would be a requirement. When you look at fields using an advanced find you get a list of all attributes associated with the entity. This sometimes can be confusing for end users.

In the screen shot below you can see a list of all fields associated with the account record type.

Advanced Find field list

To remove fields not used on the form you will need to set the Searchable field to No on the attribute customization form. To do this you will navigate to the Settings area, click customizations, click the attributes tab and then click on the attribute you want to remove from the list. You will then need to set the searchable field to No.

The screen shot below demonstrates how do do this. You will then need to publish your changes.


Once the changes have been implemented the non searchable field will not be visible in the Advanced Find field list.

Be advised that making a field non searchable will also make the field not visible in the report wizard.

Microsoft CRM of course does not allow you to assign a system user to multiple sales territories. There is a simple work around though. This solution might help you overcome this constraint. Simply create a new sales territory that is a contains both territories . Add the user to the new territory.

I was recently asked about how to delete an active quotation. You might need to delete quotes if you have created quote during system demonstration or testing and would now like to delete the quotes rather than just deactivate them. Of course if you try to delete an active quote you get an error message stating that it is read only.


An unsupported way would be to update the quote statuscode and statecode in the QuoteBase table. But you can also do the same by creating a workflow that updates the status of the quote. To create the workflow have a look at the image below. Make sure that your workflow is set to run on demand.


Once you’ve created the workflow go back to the quotation grid and you will now get the Run workflow button. (This button is not visible if there is no “run on demand” work flows against the record type). Click the button and run the workflow that you’ve just created.


When the workflow completes the quote status will be set to draft and you will now be able to delete the quote.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Demonstration Tools also include utilities to:

  • Generate Data
  • Change the Dates and/or Times for Data
  • Create Dependent Picklists
  • Generate E-Mail
  • Set Icons for Entities
  • Change the CRM Navigation Pane
  • Replace Strings in CRM
  • Download:

    I stumbled across this URL in the MS CRM Development forum. It has great examples to help any newbie and a good reference point for dab hands.

    You can add sample sales and marketing data to your MS CRM Development or test server by downloading and running the Sample Data utility. Please click on the URL below to find out more.

    If you have custom entities in your MS CRM system, having custom icons for your custom entities will make such a huge difference to your system users. They will find it easy to recognize the entities and find it much easier to work with them. Grouping custom entities into a separate tab or renaming an existing module tab like service to “Project Management” or “Financials” also helps.

    Unfortunately not all companies have in-house graphics designers to create custom icons, and not all customers are comfortable with exporting XML files to customize the MS CRM user interface (UI).

    So if you want to add a bit of “Bling” to your MS CRM Server installation but don’t have technical resources then the “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Demonstration Tools” is defiantly for you.

    Click here to download the tool.

    Download the application and have a play with it. It is fairly easy to learn.

    Good luck!